Reviews For Coffee Shops

Online Reviews has the power to attract more business

Positive online reviews have the potential to increase your business and hurt it if it’s negative reviews. Focusing on getting reviews should become a priority because its what potential customer see when searching for “Coffee Shops Near Me” or “Coffee Shops with free Wi-Fi.” However, getting people to leave reviews is a daunting task, and most won’t do it because of it.

Give them a place to vent

As a shop owner, you know there will be times where a negative will be posted. However, there’s a system that prevents 80% of bad reviews from posting and hurting your business. The system provides a place where dissatisfied customers can express their frustration before they take it online to give you the opportunity to address the problem.

We have that special system

We built a system that collects not only positive reviews with ease but also stops bad one from posting online. If it’s good, it will redirect customers to Google. If it’s a bad one, the system, redirect that person to a place to vent giving you the opportunity to solve the problem and saving a customer!


Positive Reviews increases business

Negative Reviews decreases business

Easily collect good reviews

Easily prevent bad reviews

Other services:

Local SEO, Custom Coffee Shop Websites, Landing Pages, Reputation management, and Facebook Checkin creation.